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Environmental Initiatives

As a citizen on the earth / ISO-14001


In order to fulfill the social role and responsibility as a company and citizen on the earth, DAIICHIDENSOBUHIN acquired ISO-14001 certification in environment management system, and actively participates in environmental conservation efforts. Our activity includes establishment of our own "environmental policies", and awareness campaigns like installation of posters in the company for awareness raising activity and promotion. We implement as much activities as possible.





To be an eco-friendly and employee-friendly company


[Environmental Policy]


In the range of environment management system our company actively contributes to environment conservation through the action suitable for the times and achieve environment goal.


1. Our company focus on life cycle from raw material procurement to final disposal through production of car parts adequately understands how our manufacturing affects the environment, and sets and our environmental goal to the extent technically and financially possible and prevent environmental pollution. Additionally we periodically review our activities to continuous improvements.


2. Our company observes environmental laws, codes and other requirements and establish voluntary standards, and work toward environmental conservation.


3. Our company contributes to global environmental conservation through environmental activities for the local community.


4. Our company will address the following items as our priority themes for our environmental business activities.


(1) We design, change designs and develop products with environmental priority.

(2) We reduce the waste produced by our production.

(3) We eliminate all the wasted energy in our business activity and aim to reduce environmental burden.


5. Range of Application

(1) Name


(2) Address

706, Onohara, Shimoakasaka, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, 350-1155, Japan

(3) Business Description

Production of car electric parts

(4) Contact

Operations Department, DAIICHIDENSOBUHIN Co., Ltd

TEL:049-261-6111 FAX:049-266-6222



6. Our company ensure that all employees are aware of and follow this environmental policy and the policy is publicly disclosed through our home page.


October 1, 2017


Representative Director

Hisashi Soga