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Our original goods will be presented to our guest visited us to express our "omotenashi", hospitality. They seems meaningless but once you use the items like clips, plastic folders and straps you will realize they are useful at work, so we highly recommend them. Additionally we prepared anniversary items and other small gifts, and the president and employees are always trying to create ideas of nice goods for our guests.

Original Desktop Calendar

Our desktop calendar has suitable size for desk at office and its pastel colored background is matched with seasons and has unique impression.

Official Original Diaries

Our standard diary. We prepared large and small sizes. The color of its cover is different every year. Our corporate mark, a UFO, is embossed on its front cover.

Original Plastic Folders

These items are highly useful. Their lovely design is highly popular with women. If they are on sale, they will be hit products!!

Magnetic Clips with Corporate Mark

These clips are useful at both of office and home. They only have UFO marks without our company name, they could be publicly on sale.